St. Andrew Technical Alumni Association (STATHS):
STATHS congratulate its Alma Mater on turning 40.
        St. Andrew Technical High School group picture
Thirty years after the first students graduated from STATHS, an alumni association was formed in Toronto. This was a great event, because thirty years ago, no one would have imagined the likelihood of such an association being formed in such a far-a-way place as Canada.

Now forty years after this institution was established, its graduates are all over the world. Many continue in the pioneering tradition of the first class of 1964, breaking ground in careers, occupations and professions in fields as diverse as nuclear power technology; civil, electrical and mechanical engineering; accounting; environmental protection; medicine; computer science and academia to name a few.

STATHS provided us with an opportunity to obtain a good secondary education (free of cost in some cases) and gave us a solid foundation in the basics to build on. It was also the birthplace of many great ambitions and the cradle of many lifelong friendships. Our teachers were dedicated and inspiring professionals, who commanded our respect and admiration and who were true role models for many of their students, while impressing on us the value of hard work and dedication in the pursuit of success.

Let us show our gratitude by giving something back during the 40th anniversary "Home Coming", April 1 to 10, 2001. Donations can be forwarded to the School directly or via the Toronto Chapter Alumni Association. For more information contact 416-281-8556.


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