Morant Bay High School Past Students‘ Association:
Morant Bay High School Crest
The Morant Bay High School Past Students‘ Association was formed in 1989 with six founding members. The objective of the alumni is to assist the current students who are experiencing financial needs. Two main areas of assistance are academic scholarships to qualified students, and large projects. The school is currently renovating its computer lab, which is our focus this year.


Another milestone in the history of Morant Bay High School - this year 2001, the School will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Located in the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica, the School was established in 1961 and was financed by the Methodist Church. The current enrolment has grown beyond capacity. As the population of the School increases, so do the needs of the students. Thus, the birth of the Toronto Chapter of the Alumni.

Morant Bay High School Past Students‘ Association has its own Web site. Simply click on the link that follows if you wish to go to their Site.


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