Merl Grove High School Past students' Association

With the encouragement of the late J. Barbara Martin (first and continues to be, the only student to become teacher, vice-principal and principal of this noble institution) MGHS-PSA got its wings in October 1999 and held its first fundraiser in May 2000.  The main fundraiser is held the last Saturday of May each year. Click here for more info….

With the mission: to put in place a trust fund to fully support the Computer Studies program as well as the full financial support of students from second (2nd) form, through to fifth (5th) form with the J. Barbara Martin Scholarship Award -we believe that it is necessary to be a bridge of help, linking past students with present students who simply need a helping had in order to be successful.

November 13th to 19th, 2005 Merl Grove High School hosted a worldwide homecoming reunion week, which saw alumni from around the world converging on the school grounds to celebrate the school’s 80th anniversary celebrations. 

It was great to see past students back on the school grounds, mingling with current students and teachers. While the main objective of the homecoming reunion was to see in what area the Merl Grove Diaspora could give back to the school, the activities that were planned ensured that everyone had a great time doing just that.

We believe it is necessary that as past students, wherever we are, that we make a determined effort to help maintain the foundation that gave us our wings and to purpose to help strengthen the wings of our present day sisters.

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