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By Norman R. Lee et al

On December 9, 1973 thirty-three Kingston College Old Boys met at Seneca College in Toronto and established the Kingston College Old Boys Association (Tor). That association was the result of the seemingly telepathic communications among the old boys who were known to reside in Canada. Indeed, it was a history-making meeting because the KCOBA (Tor) was the second such association to be formed in Canada. However, it became the first to maintain its activity without any period of dormancy. In 1998 over 35 associations have followed the KCOBA (Tor) footsteps, and are actively providing valuable assistance to their alma mater in Jamaica. The idea to form the association is attributed to Messrs Dr Fredrick "Buddy" McIntosh and Winston "Aggery" Johnson, although others have been reputed to be toying with the idea but apparently without any action. This was in November of 1973. Buddy, a former student of Aggery, out of profound homage had invited Aggery to dinner at his home. It is well known that when food and the ubiquitous Jamaican bottled "waters" are combined, remarkable things are bound to happen. On this occasion, the after-dinner reminiscence resulted in the recollection of a number of names of old boys living in the Toronto Area. By the time the waters were consumed, 12 names were tallied and the idea to form a Toronto chapter was born.

Messrs, Eddie Patterson and Gerald "Gerry" Lindo and others, were later contacted and after some discussions, the number of interested persons grew, thus transforming the idea into a viable plan with 25 old boys from the Toronto area. The inaugural meeting to establish the KCOBA (TOR) CHAPTER was scheduled. Date: December 9, Venue: Seneca College, student hall, Finch Avenue, Toronto. This venue was secured by the efforts of Alvin Curling. A Jamaican, Alvin Curling was the registrar for Student Services and later entered provincial politics as a liberal candidate. His support to the association in the formative years was recognised in 1987 when he was proclaimed an "Honorary Old Boy"

On that historic Sunday morning of December 9, 1973 with the presence of thirty-three old boys who literally, weathered the storm, with Buddy McIntosh as conveyor, the association was established, on the approval of a resolution moved by Aggery Johnson. Those present at that meeting were:
Clive Belnavis, Keith Bryan, Hugh "Patch" Branford, Colin Campbell, Michael Chin, Deryck Collins, Dr Neville Davidson, Victor Fowler, Barrington "Barry" huie, Winston "Aggery" Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Dale Keizs, Eric Lindsay, Gerald "Gerry" Lindo, Hugh "Jack" Manhertz, Dr Frederick "Buddy" McIntosh, Hugh Marshall, Dr John Meikle, Oliver Meikle, George Meikle, Hugh Morrison, Oswald Murray, Al Nation, Dennis Nation, Eddie Patterson, Patrick Smith, Norman Stewart, Berwin Stewart, Herbert Swaby, Audley Taylor, Dr Cliff Taylor, Howie Taylor, Peter Taylor.

The first executive consisting of nine members was elected, for a term of one year.

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