Brandon Hill All Age School:

Brandon Hill All Age and Adopted Schools

Brandon Hill All Age School is located in northern Clarendon, southwest of Kellits, at the foot of the Bull Head Mountain.  The school opened on February 7, 1886. 

The current principal is Mrs. Phyllis Smith, formerly Phyllis Bell, the vice-principal is Mrs. Pearlyn Clark, formerly Pearlyn Davis; both past students of Brandon Hill All Age. 

Former principals include, Teacher Lewis, Teacher Duncan, Teacher Dinnhall, Mr. & Mrs. Brown, and Mr. White.

Brandon Hill All Age has adopted the following  four schools:

Top Hill Basic School

Year Opened:  1962

Number of Teachers:  3

Number of Students:  65

Principal:  Mrs. Maureen Lumsden (formerly Williamson), a past student of Brandon Hill All Age School

Turtle Pond Basic School

Year Opened:  1967

Number of Teachers:  2

Number of Students:  64

Principal:  Beryl Simpson

Colonel’s Ridge Basic School

Year Opened:  1969

Number of Teachers:  2

Number of Students:  40

Principal:  N. Francis

Brandon Hill Basic School

Year Opened:  1975

Number of Teachers:  2

Number of Students:  40


The school is funded by grants received each term from the Ministry of Education.  The grant is dependent on the number of students in attendance and is used to pay for such items as the electricity bills.  Supplies such as chalk and calendars that the school  requires are provided by the teachers. 

The Ministry of Education subsidizes a lunch program each term.  Each week, approximately 95 students eat lunch via the program.  Thirty-five (35) free lunches are provided on a weekly basis. 

While completing her first degree in 2002, the vice-principal spear-headed the building of the computer room to fulfill the practicum requirement of the programme.  Members of the community also volunteered their time.  The funds required to complete the room was obtained by hosting fund raising activities and contributions received from past students.  The computers were donated by an American living in Jamaica , Mr. Joslin.  All students attend computer class two times each week, and members of the community who wish to attend evening classes are charged a minimal fee.  The computer teacher utilizes the computer to assist students in Reading and Mathematics. 

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